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You guessed it. Congratulations to Mr. Robert Goodman. 

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We hear low alcohol wines are trending up again. The subtle flavors associated with low alcohol content wines are enjoying a resurgence in popularity. Want to see what all the buzz is about? Try our Industrial Red at just 12.5% alcohol. 

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Something exciting is happening here in terrior Humboldt

A major winery promotion and upgrade is, well, let's say the rumor is growing... We heard this is going to be a really great thing for all the wineries in Humboldt County and Northern California. But we can't say too much more about it right now.

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Scary rumor from the California Aggie..

Mother nature is usually one of man's best friends. But this is an article on how a microscopic pathogen could be threatening California's grape crops. This scenario names this as the possible culprit: a bacterium known as Xylella fastidiosa. Article by Oliver Hsu.

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Do you really like cork? What's Next? Who's Next?.

An age-old process of corking and bottling could be on the way out. Fortunately not with plastic! It's a really clean-sounding idea and a California winery and a major corporation has just sealed a deal and then sealed the bottles, too.

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