Organically Grown and Oh So Good!

We love it when our customers tell us they enjoy our wines. It’s also rewarding to receive a compliment from a respected fellow winemaker. That’s exactly what has happened with our newly poured Humboldt County Pinot Noir!

We recently exchanged a few bottles of wine with Bob Travers, winemaker and owner of at the Mayacamas Winery. Along with the Robert Mondavi Winery. Mayacamas is one of the pioneers of high-end Napa Valley wines. Imagine our delight when we received a message on our answering machine from Bob. It was so gratifying; we couldn’t bear to erase it! Bob said:

“Your Pinot Noir is unusual in style, quite unlike anything I’ve ever had, which is good. There is an awful lot of sameness in the wine world these days, so something different is very good and we enjoyed it very much.”

Pinot Noir is known for being challenging varietal for winemakers to master. Our exceptional Pinot Noir was created with organically grown grapes from 12-year-old vines at the tiny Wehymiller Vineyards in the Alder Point area of Southern Humboldt County (Pinot Noir, like riesling, requires a cold climate and in fact, its ancestral home is the cool Burgundy region of France. The grape, which is very difficult to grow and make into wine does quite well in certain areas of Humboldt County, California and a few other locations in the Pacific Northwest – but rarely elsewhere).

With characteristics similar to Cabernet, this wonderful wine exhibits depth, strong body, quality mouth feel and perfect tannin. Please note that although the grapes are organic, we do add a small amount of sulfites to maintain consistency and quality.

We believe this is the best Pinot Noir on the West Coast. Be the first on your block to uncork a bottle!


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